3 Business Apps To Boost Your Productivity

I often get asked by clients, friends, and colleagues what tools do I use to manage my business and workflow.

Recently, I had the opportunity to share the 3 business apps I use to boost my productivity with a group of accountants and small business owners at the West Metro Woodard Meetup.

A big thank you to Kathy Hazelrigs Grosskurth of Bookkeeping Clean and Simple for hosting the event and giving me the opportunity to speak! Below is a copy of the presentation to download and transcript notes from the meeting. 


1 | Asana

As a entrepreneur working with multiple clients each day, using one system to track my day-to-day routine is vital to my sanity. I have tried different task and project management tools before but I keep coming back to Asana for its ease of use, design aesthetics, and integration with Gmail and many apps.

Asana makes it easier for me to create and fine-tune my client onboarding process and track my day-to-day workflow for running my business.

Instead of worrying about losing a piece of paper with important notes, I use the Asana mobile app to jot down things I need to remember or complete later. 

In Asana, I can document my workflow process and centralized a checklist for completing projects. Gone are the days of using Excel spreadsheets to track my to-do list.

Inside the tool, I can cross-reference content from different projects and take meeting notes as well. With the new addition the Asana Gmail Add-on, I can convert an email from my inbox on my computer or on my phone to a task and archive the email to achieve inbox zero.

Asana works great with teams especially if you need to collaborate on website redesigns, blog posts, or QuickBooks clean-up and migration projects. It eliminates the back and forth emails between teams and clients.

Project admins can have a bird's eye view of what's going on with a project without having to schedule long meetings. IT admins can control who has access to the content with staff turnover.

Asana is free for a team of 15 users or you can pay $9.99 to get premium features. The free version is sufficient for a small business firm and comes with more features you will ever use. The best part is you can custom the use of the platform to match your workflow style.

2 | Google Voice

I am not a big fan of talking on the phone for hours. I prefer text messages or in-person/video meetings as much as possible. This is why I use a Google Voice number as my main phone number. Google Voice eliminates the need to send out a PSA announcement to all contacts every time I change my phone number.

Google Voice gives me the ability to have one phone number ring all of my devices and stay connected to my clients on the go. My clients can text me, leave a voicemail, and call me from anywhere in the world.

I also don't have to pay for another office phone line and carry two separate mobile devices just to get work done. 

3 | LastPass

Security is a vital part of running my business and storing the information my clients provide to me to manage their books is important.

Since I work with different login information, my brain can't keep everything straight without using a secure password management tool called LastPass.

LastPass is a secure password manager tool recommended by most IT professionals to simplify your life in managing passwords for home and work across multiple devices.

The app comes with the ability to generate secure passwords, store secure notes, and share login information with family members or team members without relinquishing full control.

You can use it via a browser extension and mobile app to access your data on the go. Data is encrypted with the ability to set up 2-factor authentication and built-in security challenge reminders and alerts to notify you when one of your online accounts has been stolen due to a data breach.

All you have to do when you sign up for an account is to create one master password and set up your email account for resetting your account. Don’t forget to activate two-factor authentication.


To summarize, use Asana to manage your workflow and prioritize your daily to-do list instead of using an excel spreadsheet.

Streamline your communication using one free Google Voice phone number and secure your login information using LastPass. 

What business apps do you use to boost your productivity?