5 Tips to Boost Your Work Productivity

Ever wake up in the middle of the night with a solution to a problem you have been thinking about and tell yourself you will remember it in the morning, but never do? Yes, this has happened to me.

As business owners, we wear many hats and have demands for our time from different people throughout the day. So, how do we keep everything organized without feeling overwhelmed and maximize our productivity?

Watch the below video to learn my 5 tips to boost your work productivity.

  1. Write everything down. Do a brain dump in your favorite notebook or your favorite productivity app.

  2. Plan your week. Spend 1 hour during your weekend to plan the action items for the upcoming week in your favorite productivity app.

  3. Spend 15 minutes each morning narrowing down your list to just 3-4 core things to accomplish for the day.

  4. Block out time on your calendar to get work done without interruptions. Don’t forget to schedule breaks in between work.

  5. Take the time to review and reflect on your accomplishments and determine what action items to move to the next day. Don’t forget to celebrate your small wins!

I use my favorite project management Asana to manage my priorities each day and get work done without distractions.

You can implement my five tips in managing your day by making the entire process one routine you do each morning.

Have questions about using Asana to run your business? Contact Ufuoma - I am happy to help!