How to Pay Bills in QuickBooks Online

Pay a Bill in QuickBooks Online.png

It is super easy to pay your bills in QuickBooks Online. Log into QuickBooks Online and follow the below steps to get started.

Click on the Quick Create "+" icon in the top right navigation bar. 

Under the Vendor column, click on Pay Bills.


QuickBooks Online will open up a bill payment screen with any outstanding bills listed. Do the following:

  • Select the payment account

  • Select the payment date

  • Enter the reference number or starting check number

  • Select print later if you are printing the checks using your check stock

  • Check the box next to the bills you want to pay

  • Confirm your total payment balance

  • Click save and print to print the checks using your check stock


In the print screen, QuickBooks Online will ask you choose your check stock type and setup your printer settings to print out checks.

Follow the instructions on the page to get the printer alignment correct then click the Yes, I'm finished with setup button to continue to the next page.


On the next screen, enter the starting check number from your check stock then click on the preview and print button to print the checks.


In the popup print preview screen, select your printer options to print the check(s).


Once you have printed out the checks, QuickBooks Online will ask to confirm that the checks printed okay. You can select one of the following options to complete the process:

  • Yes, they all printed correctly

  • Some checks need reprinting, starting with check number

  • No, keep all checks in the Print Checks list

Click done after selecting your option.


Feel free to share this QuickBooks Online tip with other users using QuickBooks Online. Reach out to me if you need one-on-one QuickBooks Online training session.