Bulk Mail Thank Your Letters Using DocuSend App

Nonprofit organizations are known for mailing out campaign letters, giving statements, newsletters, and many more documents to communicate with many stakeholders.

As a result, the cost of printing, postage, and admin staffing is often one of the largest expenses nonprofits tend to have on their books.

Keep reading to to see how I help clients automate the entire printing and envelope stuffing process and save them money on postage costs.

In January, I had to process giving statements for one of my client and needed a solution that would eliminate the need to use word mail merge and stuff envelopes. My research led me to DocuSend by Mail Technologies, Inc in the QuickBooks Online App store.

DocuSend Mailing Solution is a cost effective app for mailing invoices, estimates, giving statements, campaign letters, and other documents that you need to send out to vendors, donors, or stakeholders.

When you first access the app through the QuickBooks Online App store, you will be directed to the app’s page to create and setup your account. Then, you will be brought to the below screen to upload your PDF documents for printing and mailing.

I was able to upload the PDF giving statements I need to mail out, review the contact information to make sure it matched the envelope window, and select my mailing option to complete the process in less than 30 minutes.

Key Benefits:

  • No monthly subscription fee nor minimum documents requirements.

  • User friendly and very simple to use. App comes with phone and email support.

  • One inclusive price starting at $0.80 that covers the printing, envelope stuffing and mailing with first class postage for you.

  • Personalized management dashboard reports to view the history documents you have mailed out.

  • Preview documents and edit address fields before approving the final copies to be printed and mailed out.

  • Unlimited users with the ability to add additional custom or generic inserts to your documents before mailing them out.

  • Next day business delivery with status updates in your dashboard.

  • You get 5 documents mailed for you for free to try the app.


  • None. I didn't experience any issues using the system.

Get started today by connecting the app to your QuickBooks Online file. Try it and let me know in the comments your experience.