How to Record a Bank Transfer Using a Check in QuickBooks Online

Have you noticed when you use the "Transfer" feature in QuickBooks Online to move funds from one bank account to another bank account or to your PayPal account, there is no “location nor class” field anywhere on the transfer screen?

The lack of the location field will cause your transactions to show up under the "Not Specified" column when using locations to track the net asset restrictions of your nonprofit or the different regions of your small business.

In this tutorial, I will show you my workaround solution to record bank transfers and keep your balance sheet or statement of financial position report clean.

How to Record a Bank Transfer Using a Check in QuickBooks Online By Goshen Bookkeeping

Log into your QuickBooks Online company file and follow the below instructions.

Turn on Location Tracking

  • Click the Gear icon, then select Account and Settings under your company

  • Click the Advanced tab, under categories, turn on track locations

  • Give your location label a name by choosing from one of the dropdown options

  • Click Save

  • Click Done to exit the account and settings window

Turn on Location Tracking in QuickBooks Online

Create Your Locations

  • Click the Gear icon, then select All Lists

  • Click on the name of location label you selected from above (ex. Divisions)

  • Click the New button to add your locations

  • Add your location name and choose any of the preferences option if applicable

    • For a nonprofit, location name = 1.Without Donor Restrictions and 2.With Donor Restrictions

    • For a small business, location name = different physical locations or branches

  • Click Save

Create a Generic Vendor

  • Click the Expenses Tab, then select Vendors

  • Click the New vendor green button at the top right-hand corner

  • In the company field, add a generic name like "Fund Transfers"

  • Make sure the display name on print check is also checked

  • In the Notes field, enter "This is vendor is strictly used to record fund transfers between various balance sheet accounts."

  • Click Save to create the vendor and exit the vendor window

Create a Generic Vendor in QuickBooks Online

Record Your Bank Transfer Using a Check

  • Click the Quick Create (+) icon

  • Under Vendors, select Check

  • In the Check window, enter the following:

    • Payee = Fund Transfers (the generic vendor created above)

    • Bank Account = the account you withdraw the funds from (ex. Bank Account)

    • Payment date = the date funds were withdrawn

    • Check no. = use this format “EBTPaymentDate”

    • Location (aka Division or Departments) = Pick your location (ex. 1.Without Fund Restrictions or Store #1)

    • Category = the account you are transferring the funds into (ex. PayPal or another bank account)

    • Description = enter the reason for the fund transfers (ex. Funds transferred from Bank Account# to Bank Account# for xxxx)

    • Amount = the amount of the funds transferred

    • Class = use Admin/Support, General Fund or any other class that defines why you are transferring this fund

    • Memo = copy and paste the same text from the above description field

    • Attachments = add the receipt you received from your bank account (Optional)

    • Click save and close

Record Bank Transfer Using a Check in QuickBooks Online

Run a Balance Sheet or Statement of Financial Position Report

Run a balance report or statement of financial position report to verify that the transaction appears under the correct location column “1.Without Fund Restrictions” we created above.

  • Click on the Reports tab, select the Balance Sheet or Statement of Financial Position report

  • Report period = update the date range to include the payment date from above

  • Display columns by = change this to your location label (ex. Divisions or Departments)

  • Accounting method = cash or accrual (this will default to the accounting method you selected in your company account and settings)

  • Click Run Report

You will see the $500 I recorded is showing under the 1.Without Fund Restriction column for the STotal Business Checking bank account and not displaying under the “Not Specified” column. This is exactly what you need. You can click on the amount to view the transaction report to verify if needed.

Run a Balance Sheet by Location Report to Verify Your Entry

Now you know how to record a bank transfer using a check in QuickBooks Online and keep your balance sheet or statement of financial position report cleaned.

If you are not using location tracking and don't need it, read my post on how to transfer funds in QuickBooks Online.

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