Bookkeeping for Solopreneurs

GBC is here to help you reduce operational chaos, love your numbers, and focus on fulfilling your mission. 

Bookkeeping helps you track the ins and outs of your finances with reports available at your fingertips, reduce hefty tax fees, and help you implement sustainable profit strategies.

We work with solopreneurs like bookkeepers, consultants, web designers, and partner with CPA firms.

I’ve had the fortune of working with Goshen Bookkeeping & Consulting for projects ranging from basic budgeting and financial planning to more intricate items such as accounting and bookkeeping. Ms. Ogaga and her team worked diligently to ensure that all bases were covered, dollars were accounted for, and my financial needs were met.

The financial plan that was provided has yielded quality results as it offered complete clarity and proved an adept knowledge of finance and bookkeeping. The Goshen team is very patient, efficient and professional. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking financial advice, guidance, and growth.
— Lance Newman, Digital Marketing Consultant

What to Expect with our Bookkeeping Solution for Solopreneurs?

The Number of Accounts and Transaction Entry Frequency – We process incoming and outing transactions on a weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis for the number of bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts, and payment processors you have, depending on the service plan you select.

Revenue Entry – We accurately enter your revenue data from your CRM system into QuickBooks Online. Depending on the plan selected, we can also invoice your stakeholders on your behalf.

Collection of Bills & Receipts – We collect all your important documents from your vendor portals, email, and physical documents using our preferred cloud document retrieval system. We enter your bills and receipts into QuickBooks Online to make it easier to give your tax preparer one place to look for your data.

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Unpaid Bills Report and Bill Payments – We send you a semi-monthly account payable aging report to use in processing your bills in your bank system, via check. Or you can give us permission to process bill payments for you using one of our partner bill management system that integrates with QuickBooks Online.

Sales Tax Filings – Are you selling some digital products? Incorrect sales tax filings are costly and keeping up with sales tax laws is time-consuming, so we take care of this for you.

Reconciliation of Accounts – Reconciling your bank accounts, credit cards, payment processor system, and investment accounts on a monthly basis is crucial.

Year-End Journal Entries – We close your books at fiscal year-end to equity accounts to file your tax return.

Financial Reports – Receive monthly basic management reports such as a profit and loss report an AP/AR Aging report to help you understand your spending habits.

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Tech Tools – GBC is a paperless firm and we use reliable cloud technology tools from our trusted vendor partners to collaborate with you and help streamline your organization’s workflow process.

  • Asana – we use this to manage your onboarding process, provide weekly action tasks, and collaborate and communicate with you on the go throughout your engagement.

  • Sharefile – a secure and HIPPA portal for storing any of the information, you provide to us and retrieving financial documents from us.

  • Check out the full list of tech stack we use.

GBC Support – All our service plans come with the option to pick a recurring date on our calendar via acuity scheduling to review your financial report every month or quarterly using Zoom. And, an Asana hub to ask us questions and complete your action items.

Add-On Options - Bundle with your Bookkeeping Plan

  • Cleanup/Catch-up Bookkeeping

    • Are you behind on your bookkeeping? Moving from another accounting software to QuickBooks Online or Xero accounting software? Want a fresh start on organizing your finances to file your tax return? We can help you whether you are 3 years, 1 year, or months behind!

  • Payroll —> Are you planning to hire a new employee to help with your business growth? We can help you implement a compliance system to keep up with federal and state employment regulations. Learn more

  • Advisory Services —> Go deeper with our advisory services that include optimizing your business workflows, budgeting, cash flow analysis, and much more. Learn more

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