Welcome to the Goshen Bookkeeping & Consulting Family!

Welcome to the GBC family! We are excited you have chosen to work with us. This is your welcome guide for everything you will need to begin working with us.

We will communicate with you via email, Slack hub, and Zoom throughout your onboarding process. Please make sure to dedicate at least 2-3 weeks on your schedule to complete the below steps in order for us to begin work.

Complete as much of the steps you can before our onboarding meeting.


Step #1 - Activate Your Sharefile Account

You will receive a separate email with your login credentials to activate your account and change your temporary password. Download our Sharefile Guide to understand how to use the Sharefile portal.

Step #2 - Activate Your Slack Account

You will receive an email invitation into the designated Slack workspace we have created for you. Activate your account and review the “Getting Started” channels.

Step #3 - Book Your Onboarding Meeting

Schedule your 1-hour onboarding meeting by clicking on the below button. During this meeting, we will discuss your required homework, our communication tools and answer your questions.

Step #4 - Complete your Homework

Click the button to download the homework checklist to complete in order for us to begin working on your account. Upload the documents to the Upload folder located in your Sharefile account. Don't forget to set us up with read-only or accountant access to your bank, accounting systems, and vendor systems.

Step #6 - Quick Reference Sheet

Always review the "Quick Reference Cheat Sheet" uploaded in your Sharefile "Getting Started" folder or in your Slack Getting Started channel to access links to the tools we will use in managing your books and communicating with you throughout our relationship. You print out this list or bookmark all of the links in your browser for easy access.

Step #7 - You made it!

Congraulations, you have successfully completed our onboarding process and we are now ready to begin the process of setting up your accounting systems and/or maintaining your books.

“Ufuoma truly excels in accounting and bookkeeping. Not only does she possess the knowledge and experience to do the work, but she is very detail oriented and gives each project 110%. she is excellent at what she does!”
— Rosa Dunkley