How to Record a Bill in QuickBooks Online

How to Record a Bill in QuickBooks Online.png

It is super easy to enter a bill into QuickBooks Online. Log into your QuickBooks Online account and follow the below steps to get started.

Log into QuickBooks Online.

Click on the Quick Create "+" icon in the top right navigation bar. Under the Vendor column, click on Bill.

QuickBooks Online Enter a Bill.png

QuickBooks Online will open up a Bill entry screen. Complete the following fields:

  1. Select an existing vendor from the list or create a new one

  2. Enter the bill terms, date and due date from the physical bill

  3. Enter the bill number

  4. Select the expense account and enter a description of the purpose of the bill

  5. Enter the bill amount

  6. You have the option of making the bill billable to a customer or adding a class to track the expenses to a particular project or fund source

7. For job costing and grant tracking to a customer, use the item details option to enter the bill repeating the above steps but select a product or service item instead.

8. Repeat the description information in the memo field and review the total amount to make sure it matches the physical bill. 

9. Add a copy of the bill as an attachment in the attachment field. Then click save and close to exit from the record a bill screen or save and new to continue adding more bills into QuickBooks Online.

That's it. Check out my prior blog post on how to pay a bill in QuickBooks Online.

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